Hunger Doesn’t take a Vacation.

Summer meals for kids (under 18) will return in June of 2018. Summer can be tough on family finances, but help is available!

Summer Meals provide free, nutritious snacks and meals to children ages eighteen and younger! If your children eat school meals for free or at a reduced price during the school year, a free meal program is also available during the summer.

Click here to view a list of summer meal sites that participated in 2017.

According to a recent national survey of low-income families, 43% state it’s harder to make ends meet in the summer months. Families spending more on food say that on average, their grocery bills are about $300 higher every month that kids are out of school. More than 21 million kids in the U.S. rely on free and reduced-price school lunches for their nutritional needs during the school year, yet fewer than 3 million children participate in a summer meal program.